About WWII
Scale Modeling

The three-dimensional representation of a physical object is known as a scale model. They are oftentimes revealed as simple fractions; for instance, 1/24 scale connotes the model is 1/24 the size of the full –size subject. Scale models are used in several fields, some of which include military command, salesmanship, hobby model building, engineering, and architecture. In terms of functionality, all scale models must meet the same general requirements even though each field uses scale models for different purposes.

A real scale model must have all relevant aspects accurately modeled, including material properties. This is done to ensure that the model’s interaction with the outside world is solidly related to the interaction of the original object with the real world. World War II (WWII) post-war experience has several scale models built after it. Some of these WWII scale models include –

WWII Scale Models

Ace 1/72 52-K Soviet 85mm Heavy AA Gun

This was a defence gun manufactured by the Soviet Union in 1939; it was the brainchild of two Soviet designers G.D Dorokhin and M.N Loginov. After WWII, The gun was received by almost every nation behind the iron curtain. The scale model of this gun has a perfect resemblance of the one used during WWII.

The Battle of France

The aftermath of World War I (World War I) caused France to build the famed Maginot Line crossing its border with Germany. The system consisted of pillboxes, forts, bunkers, and every terminal device that would discard or crush their intruders. The line spanned from the eastern border with Switzerland to Belgium's western boundary of the Ardennes forests. This move was made because of Hitler’s plan to invade France in a bid to counter their intrusion. There are scale models built and designed after this the Maginot Line (The Battle of France)

Dragon 1/35 E-100 Heavy Tank 'Nachtjager'

This tank was described as one of Adolf Hitler’s craziest creations, ‘the behemoth tank’ as it was called was close to the size of a Sherman tank. It was mainly built to eliminate every enemy tank in front of it and also for the planned invasion of France. The scale model is priced at $39 and measures about 12”x5”x 4.5”.

Fine Molds 1/35 Kurogane Type 95 Scout Car

The 95 scout car was first built by Tokyu Kurogane industries and was used during the China war and WWII in the east between 1936 and 1944. It was recorded that about 4,700 scout cars were built by Japan during the entire war. The scale model was designed in 2017, and its priced 3000 yen SRP.

Top Scale Modelers in New Zealand

Mighty Ape

One of the foremost scale modelers in NZ. They have several WWII scale models, which include military aircraft, vehicles, ships & boats, motor & military vehicles.


Scale Models Wellington IPMS

Renowned as the biggest scale model club in Wellington. They mainly engage members on thorough tutorials on how to design scale models like F ships & submarines, D figures, E Dioramas, Aircraft, and war vehicles.


Acorn Models

Located in Christchurch, Acorn Model is one of New Zealand’s biggest model stores. They offer every sort of WWII scale model you would ever want, such as military vans, aircraft, armory, etc.



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