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Please email me at for any enquires.


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  1. Allan McBeath says:

    There seems to be somehting wrong with your websites. I cant get past the font page on any of them anymore. I used to be able to read back previous pages of your news . Now Im stuck only with the last, newest page. Have you changed something or are the sites broken. Ive tried different browsers with the same effect.
    I cant visit your website daily so it would be great if I can scan several pages of your stuff when I do visit.
    Love the sites by the way.

    • Dean says:

      Hi. Sorry, it looks like the latest update to the wordpress theme I use has caused an overflow problem with the footer. I need to try and find where they’ve changed the page length as it’s cutting off the page arbitrarily. It might take a few days to fix, I’ve found the fix on the theme home site but I just have to find the right piece of code to tweak. In the meantine the best I can offer is you can view each page with these direct links – etc . I’ve also changed the setting to display 15 posts per page for now instead of the usual 5. This may however cause slow loading if there’s picture heavy posts and anyone is on a slow connection so I’ll change it back to five as soon as the bug is fixed.

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