Coming Soon from Valiant Wings – Airframe Detail No.2, The Dornier Do 17Z

The second title in theAirframe Detail series covers a very important Luftwaffe type of great interest to scale model enthusiasts. Whether you are tackling the brand new tool Airfix kit, grappling with the old Revell offering in 1/72 scale or hanging on for the 1/48 scale ICM kit this title will be essential reading for you.

Contents include:

  • A wealth of historical photographs
  • Walkaround detail period pictures
  • A mass of period diagrams from original flight manuals
  • Detailed study of structure, equipment and armament
  • Colour profiles and camouflage and marking detail by Richard J Caruana
  • Lists of all kits, accessories and decals produced in all scales
  • At least 84 pages in A4 format

Coming Soon From Osprey Publishing – Between Giants The Battle for the Baltics in World War II



The Baltic States suffered more than almost any other territory during World War II, caught on the front-line of some of the war’s most vicious battles and squeezed between the vast military might of the German Wehrmacht and the Soviet Red Army. From an expert on the Eastern Front of World War II, this book chronicles the cataclysmic experience of the region that includes modern-day Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. Combining new archival research and numerous first-hand accounts, this is a magisterial description of conquest and exploitation, of death and deportation and the fight for survival both by countries and individuals.


Prit Buttar studied medicine at Oxford and London before joining the British Army as a doctor. After leaving the army, he has worked as a GP, first near Bristol and now in Abingdon. He is extensively involved in medical politics, both at local and national level, and serves on the GPs’ Committee of the British Medical Association. He appears from time to time on local and national TV and radio, speaking on a variety of medical issues. He contributes regularly to the medical press. He has written a novel, and his first work of military history, Battleground Prussia (2010), received critical acclaim. Alongside his two titles on World War II, Buttar is mid-way through a trilogy looking at the Eastern Front in World War I for Osprey.


List of Illustrations List of Maps Author’s Note Dramatis Personae Preface Introduction Chapter 1: Molotov, Ribbentrop and the First Soviet Occupation Chapter 2: Rosenberg, Generalplan Ost and Preparations for Barbarossa Chapter 3: The Wehrmacht in Full Flood Chapter 4: The Baltic Holocaust Chapter 5: Reluctant Allies Chapter 6: Narva, January to April 1944 Chapter 7: Breaking the Deadlock: Summer 1944 Chapter 8: From Doppelkopf to Cäsar Chapter 9: The Isolation of Army Group North Chapter 10: Courland, October to December 1944 Chapter 11: Endgame Chapter 12: Aftermath Appendix 1: Place Names Appendix 2: Ranks Appendix 3: Acronyms Appendix 4: Foreign terms Endnotes Bibliography Extract from Battleground Prussia Index

New From Osprey Publishing – US Standard-Type Battleships 1941–45 (1)



Written by US Navy expert Mark Stille, this book offers a unique insight into the Standard-type classes of US battleships. It provides a detailed investigation into the histories of each of the warships in the Standard-type battleship classes, the first three of which, the Nevada, Pennsylvania and New Mexico, formed the US Navy’s main force in the inter-war period. The Standard-types reflected a new design philosophy: by designing each class to meet common standards of maneuvrability and handling, vessels of different classes could operate as a single tactical unit without being limited by the performance of the slowest and least maneuvrable ship. At the time of their construction, these ships incorporated the latest design features such as triple gun turrets. Although they were rendered increasingly obsolete by evolving naval doctrines and the ascendance of the fast battleship, they served with distinction throughout World War II. This study combines analysis of design features and an absorbing narrative of operational histories to offer a comprehensive picture of the Standard-type battleships, from the brutal destruction of the USS Arizona to the triumphant occupation of Japan.


Mark E. Stille (Commander, United States Navy, retired) received his BA in History from the University of Maryland and also holds an MA from the Naval War College. He has worked in the intelligence community for 35 years including tours on the faculty of the Naval War College, on the Joint Staff and on US Navy ships. He is currently a senior analyst working in the Washington DC area. He is the author of numerous Osprey titles, focusing on naval history in the Pacific.


Pre-war naval strategy and the role of the battleship
Design developments
Nevada class
Pennsylvania class
New Mexico class
Analysis and Conclusion