Guest Review – Dragon Models 1/35 German Combat Group, Ardennes 1944/45

My thanks to Ray Mehlberger for submitting this review



In Box Review of :
Shanghai Dragon 1/35th Scale German Combat Unit (Ardennes 1944/45) Kit no. 6002

MSRP: $10.95

By Ray Mehlberger

Shanghai Dragon the old trading name of Dragon Models indicating that this is one of their older kits.

This kit comes in a shrink-wrapped, end opening type box. The box art shows 4 Waffen SS soldiers dressed in various camouflaged uniforms. These range from the oak leaf type to the pea spot types.

Inside the box is a sealed plastic bag that contains 2 gray trees of parts.

The larger of the two trees holds the parts for the 4 soldiers. They are divided into separate heads, torsos, arms and legs. There are also on this tree: two bread sacks, one 98K carbine ammo pouch, one canteen, one MG-42 accessory case, two gas mask canisters, a pair of binoculars, three steel helmets, a peaked field cap, a cloth field cap, two MP-40 ammo pouches, one STG-44 ammo pouch, a shovel in its pouch, a potato masher grenade, and a smaller STG-44 ammo pouch. (47 parts)

None of the 3 steel helmets have camouflage covers molded in them. These will have to be fabricated from tissue soaked in Elmer’s white glue perhaps.

The smaller gray parts tree holds all the weapons: One MG-42 with alternate separate extended or folded bipods, one ammo belt for the MG-42, one snail drum and ammo canister for the MG-42. One MP-40, one spare barrel tube for the MG-42, one panzerfaust, one STG-44 and one 98K carbine. (14 parts).

The officer figure is dressed in camouflaged smock and trousers and wears a gray peaked cap with eagle and swastika above a death’s head. He is holding a field map in his right hand and pointing with his left arm. He has a pair of binoculars slung around his neck. At his waist is a P.38 pistol holster and a M35 dispatch case. Slung over his right shoulder is a STG-44 assault rifle. He wears low shoes.

He is talking to the second figure, a soldier who is wearing a smock and pants in a different camouflage pattern. This fellow is wearing a gray cloth field cap. He has his steel helmet that has a camouflage cover slung from his waist. His pants are bloused into low boots. He has a MP-40 machine pistol slung over his right shoulder and ammunition pouches on his belt for it.

The third figure is walking along and is dressed in yet another different camouflage pattern smock and pants. He wears a steel helmet on his head that has a camouflage cover. His pants are bloused into low shoes. He carrys an ammunition can in his right hand for a MG-42 machine gun, which is slung over his left shoulder. He carries a spare barrel case slung across his back for the MG-42. There is an ammunition belt slung around his neck for it too. On his belt is a canteen, shovel and accessory pack.

The fourth and last figure is also walking along. He too wears a smock and pants in different camouflage patterns. He wears an uncovered steel helmet. His pants are bloused into low boots also. He carries a Mauser 98K carbine slung over his right shoulder and is carrying a panzerfaust in his left hand. On his belt are a canteen, mess kit and ammunition cases.

The box arts on the front and back of the box are done by Ron Valstad. The back of the box serves as the assembly and painting instructions and each of the four figures are shown from their front and backs. With each of these illustrations is a small triangle showing the various camouflage patterns a little more clearly. Black and white illustrations of their pioneer gear is also shown here. Colours are called out in product numbers for Gunze Sangyo and Italeri brands of paints. However, the box does not have a explanation of what these colours are. Some of the colours suggested are a mix of 2 or more of these numbers. Bad move Shanghai Dragon.

I won this kit in a raffle at a recent IPMS contest I attended.