AM Accessory Review – GC Laser 1/35 Tiger I 8.8cm L56 3 Round Ammo Box, 2-Pack

My thanks to Ray Mehlberger for providing this review.



Review of : GCLaser 1/35 Scale Tiger 1, 8.8cm, L56, 3-RND Box, 2-pack – Kit no. 35-0005

MSRP: $12.99

G.C.Laser is based in Genoa, Wisconsin. They started by doing H.O. railroad accessories. On the 1st of August, 2007 they introduced a line of military ammunition crates. These are in micro-plywood and laser cut.

I won 5 different sets of these crates and boxes in a recent raffle at a IPMS contest. This is one of the sets.

It comes in a sealed cello bag that has a card stapled to the top of it. The card has a color photo of the crates assembled and G.C.Lasers street address, fax number and web site listed. On the reverse side is the assembly instructions and illustrations of the parts trees.

Assembly is to be done in numerical order. Carpenters glue is suggested for assembly, but I don’t know what that is and I assume that super-glue will work just as well ( editors note – better known to most of us as PVA ).

The sealed cello bag contains a sheet of the wood crates and a a small piece of the micro-plywood with two two-part locking hasps. There are 2 crates that hold 3 rounds each. These can be assembled opened or closed and the ammo cradles inside are provided.

The crates are all laser cut on a single sheet of mini-plywood. The tiny square of mini-plywood with 2 hasps is laser cut too.
Each piece is nearly cut through already and will only need a fast swipe of a sharp hobby knife to remove them. It says that the finished crates make up to be 1-9/32” x 9/16” x 9/32” when completed.

The instructions say to follow them in numerical order. The illustrations are very small and I suggest a magnifying glass to read them well.

No ammo rounds are included.

These 8.8cm crates will come in very handy for dioramas that include the German Tiger 1 tank.

I cannot wait to assemble these and see how they turn out.