HobbyBoss 1/16 Tiger I Sprue Shots


This is about to hit the shelves and sorry to say but it won’t be threatening my credit card at all. I was hoping for a good quality 1/16 Tiger but looks like what we’re getting instead is just one of the remote control 1/16 tanks in kit form sans all the motors and gimmicks. Big disappointment there.





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  1. Sid says:

    Sheesh Dean – was looking foward to this – first major disappointment of 2013. Was hoping for something along the lines of the 1/16 Trumpeter Tiger II – not this p.o.s!

    I’m sure will see a decent and affordable 1/16 Tiger 1 at some stage.

    • Dean says:

      You and me both mate. If I wanted a something like this I’d have just bought one of the Heng Long RC ones and tried to turn it into something halfway decent. Back to trying to find a cheap enough Tamiya 1/16 Tiger to work with.

  2. josh says:

    To Dean. go to http://www.Aaft.com it is a tank museum in Virginia. I got my Tamiya tiger 1 1/16 for 630.00. That is the cheapest I have seen it.

  3. james toth says:

    squadron has this for under 100.00 in their may flyer

  4. longstreet says:

    i wont buy it as it looks like a hen long stripped down in kit form.although i would like a large copy of the picture.

  5. simon page says:

    Whilst i agree it’s dissapointing this is not a new tool,what do you expect for the money? This is retailing at about the same price as a Tamiya 1/35 tank here in the U.K ..A new high tec tool for a 1/16 tiger 1 is going to retail around the same as Trumpeter s Tiger 2 so it will never be a cheap option.20 Years ago this would have been welcomed with open arms but these days we all seem to want shake and bake perfection.How about you buy one of these and some plasticcard and do some old fashioned modelmaking.See it as a blank canvas to create your own work of art.

    • Dean says:

      There seems to be a fixation on this centered around the price with the general view “what do you expect for the money”. Just where is it stated that I expect a state of the art kit for under hundred dollars? What I do expect is an actual proper kit, not a completely inaccurate toy that’s been sold unassembled as a kit. Give me a Tiger I with the level of detail of the Trumpeter Tiger II and I’d happily pay the same price as the Tiger II. But if I wanted this I’d just pop into town and buy one for $80 ( about $70USD ) complete with all the RC internals.

      • Lovelocks Sid says:

        Spot on Dean – I was looking forward to a quality 1/16th Tiger 1 with price not a major factor and so consider the Hobby Boss effort total rubbish. There is already considerable criticism about this kit on Missing Lynx and other sites.

        Notwithstanding my waffle – I think the 1/16th Tamiya Tiger 1 is designed more an R/C model – the detail doesn’t stack up for a 1/16th static kit.

        Sheesh best I go grab a beer…………..

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