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  1. jack mallek says:

    I am building AFV clubs Sdkfz 263. With all of the positionable hatches, I would like to put some interior details in, especially radios. I am looking for information on the interior set up of the 263. Any suggestions, links or references greatly appreciated.

    • Dean says:

      As far as i know the best source of information for the interior is Panzer Tracts No. 13-2 – Schwerer Panzerspaehwagen (Sd.Kfz.231, 232, & 233) and Panzerfunkwagen (263) development and production from 1935 to 1943 ( ) but I haven’t seen a copy first hand yet. It’s on my “to get list” once I actually start building but in the meantime I’ve put it off in the hope someone will release an aftermarket interior.

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