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About Our Reviews

The goal of the review pages here is not to provide individual site reviews, but rather to provide a comprehensive guide to all of the reviews that are available online. This should allow you to look up a model in these pages and then look up all the reviews on that kit. As you can probably appreciate this is going to take quite a bit of time and effort so it will be an area that will grow slowly. We have started with Dragon Models 1/35 scale Armour kits and we’ll move on from there with more being added over time.

We will still be doing our own reviews of course. Those on 1/35 armour will remain posted on our principal site MilitaryModels¬†while any other reviews will be posted here on separate pages but linked to from the main database. Naturally reviews of anything pre-1930 will be posted on WWIModeller but won’t be linked to here.

Eventually we will also be integrating links that will allow you to look up all the kits on a particular subject ( ie Sherman Tanks, German Battleships, Hawker Hurricanes ) as well as all available walkarounds and all available reference pages. Again this will be a time consuming job so give us time, we will get there eventually.

My hope is that eventually anything you need to find for any given kit will be available via these pages.


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