Will We Ever See The Promised 1/32 Aircraft ?


At the start of this year HK Models renewed the hope that we would see the likes of the B-17, B-24 and Avro Lancaster in 1/32 and although we did then see one of the promised B-25s the rest seem to have faded back into obscurity. Which seems a real shame as despite a few niggles the B-25 is a damn nice kit and I was looking forward to the gunship version as well as the B-17 and Lanc. I generally only build 1/35 armour but there’s just something about the big 1/32 scale bomber kits that is appealing to me.

Despite early good communications when their B-25 Mitchell first came out I haven’t been able to get any information from HK on whether or not the rest of the kits they announced when they launched will still be going ahead but you have to admit that at this point things aren’t looking that great so I’m not going to be holding my breath waiting for these, at least not from HK Model anyway. But there’s always the chance we’ll see something coming from someone else in the not too distant future.

My big hope is that all the interest that these stirred up will encourage someone else to take up the baton and run with it because when Wingscale first announced these there was much cheering, and then when HK Model came along there was more ( well once everyone got over prejudging who did what to whom in the Wingscale-v-HK Model saga ), so I’m sure there must be people in model manufacturing companies who watched it all with interest to see just how well the market received these kits.

It’s also not like these were a completely foreign idea to the modelling world, Revell has already given us the He111, Ju88 and He219 in 1/32 so there’s hope that they will do others and I don’t see any reason that they won’t. Trumpeter has done some decent sized 1/32 scale aircraft and has the P-61 in 1/32 on the way, Zoukei-Mura also has a 1/32 He219 on the way, and although they’re a bit smaller overall Dragon’s 1/32 Me110 range are damn nice kits who could use some company.

And really if it’s just a case of size a 1/32 scale F-14 Tomcat is bigger than most of the WWII twin engined bombers and there’s plenty of those around, and Airfix’s 1/24 Mossie is no space saver. The main problem I see with the examples of existing 1/32 scale twin engined kits is the time it has taken to get a handful of twin engined 1/32 scale aircraft into the world. I’m an impatient man and one every couple of years is going to take way to long for me to get to the really big ones that I really want to be able to build.

I think there’s still room to do a lot of aircraft in 1/32 that wouldn’t be too challenging to manufacture – the Mosquito, Dornier Do17, B-26 Marauder, Ju-52, Beaufort, Ju-188, and of course the Wellington to name a few. But it’s that jump up to the four engined aircraft that I really want to see, the B-24, B-17, Lancaster, Short Stirling, Halifax, Fw-200, Ju-290 and yes, even the B-29. And that’s just the obvious ones that spring immediately to mind, I’m sure there are others that I just haven’t thought of yet.

I really do hope that if HK Model isn’t going to go ahead with the ones they announced that there is someone out there in one of the big companies thinking that this is an open market that one company could jump into and really make their own. Give me Zoukie-Mura’s detail crossed with Airfix’s range, Revell’s price, and HK Models engineering and I know what my kid’s rooms are going to be converted into when they leave home.





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3 Responses to Will We Ever See The Promised 1/32 Aircraft ?

  1. Sid says:

    Gidday Dean

    I’m pretty sure the B-25 Gunship has just been released.

    Theres bound to be more coming in 2013.

    BTW Thanks for all the great work in 2012.



    • Dean says:

      Yeah the “Strafer” version I think is finally out, but it took them close to a year just to add a few parts to change the nose over so I’m not holding my breath for the Lancaster or B-17

  2. Well, we do know that Hobby Boss is releasing their 1:32 Black Widow very soon and Bronco is releasing their 1:35 type XXIII U-Boat this year to name a few. I’ll bet, 2013 will see the coveted B-17. It’s going to be a BIG year!

    The Plastic General

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